OUR FAITH is the foundation upon which we live, act, and serve in our daily lives and in the community. 

The Holy Trinity

WE BELIEVE in the Trinity, consisting of the Father; the Son (Jesus Christ); and the Holy Spirit. They are coexistent, coeternal and coequal. Read: Matthew 3:16-17; 1John 5:7

A Perfect Creator

WE BELIEVE God is the creator of heaven and earth and the sustainer of all things, both visible and invisible. There is only one God, infinite, eternal and perfect in holiness, truth and love. Read: Genesis 1:1 & Psalms 86:9-10.

Supernaturally Conceived

WE BELIEVE that the Bible (both the Old and the New Testaments) is an error-free and authoritative word of God. We believe that the entire Scripture is written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Read: II Timothy 3:16-17; II Peter 1:21.