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WE KNOW that visiting a new church can sometimes feel intimidating. Our dress code is come-as-you-are. We are more concerned about our hearts rather than what we're wearing. Our band will play a few songs and our weekly message lasts 25 minutes. Don't worry — we won't ask you to stand up, raise your hand, or single you out in any way. But we are happy to see you and our friendly families would love to welcome you and say hello! 

WE REALIZE that starting service at 9:00 am is pretty early. Having those extra three minutes really makes a difference! Whether it's making that morning coffee, grabbing gas, or that extra long stop light. We've got you covered.



WE ARE a multigenerational church through and through. On the third Sunday of every month, our adults, youth, and children join together for a fun-filled, laugh-out-loud, thought-provoking, family oriented service.


81 Reach St. Uxbridge, ON

Sundays 9:03 AM

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