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Caught in the Current

It doesn't take much for our lives to get busy and to start pulling us in many different directions. With the demands of work, school, our families, and recreation we can easily be out several nights of the week and much of the weekend finding that we have little time for what matters most to us.

It has been said that "when your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier." There is a great deal of truth to this. It's so easy to get caught in the current of life that we simply go with the flow and give in to what seems like the norm or the demands of success. Then, we struggle with the guilt of coming up short in the things that we value most.

How would life look if we made daily decisions based on our values rather than letting the current of life determine our time and values. It may mean giving up something for a season, or having to say no to our child. But in the end, we will not have to deal with the guilt and shame of regret and failure, passing on greater value to our children and those we love. 

Pastor Barry Webster

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